.NET | Develop new functionalities for a Corporate Flight-Ticket Booking-platform | .NET Core 3, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Google Cloud, Microservices | Rotterdam

  • Do you want to work with new development techniques (Microservices, .NET Core 3, Kubernetes)?
  • Want to be at the top of a fast growing start-up?
  • Would you like to work in an international environment?

Then this job could be something for you!


This start-up organization is known for their online (cross)platform that provides flight tickets for the corporate market. When they started in January 2017, they saw something was missing in the market for booking flights online. All the suppliers were for the private market and focused on only small groups. It just didn’t work to book around 30 tickets at once, with seats next to each other and al the conveniencies you’d desire (40+ kg of luggage for instance). They started building a web application from scratch that filled this need and have been growing exponentially since. They recently received some large investments that enables them to grow further and expand the team.


The team currently consists of eight employees, of which five developers (1 front-end, 2 back-end .NET, 1 Xamarin and 1 Machine Learning). They are currently looking for a (junior/medior) back-end .NET developer (or fullstack .NET developer) and a senior developer that would like to grow to a tech lead position. Currently, the CTO fills in this role. He would like to hand over the tech lead responsibilities so he can build new teams from the bottom.


The platform was built from scratch, so there is no legacy code. Compared to other booking providers, they differ in multiple ways. For instance:

The level of automation in this platform is way higher. They focus on clean code and using the newest and best technologies available. They have a cloud-native way of developing and use Docker. They use a microservices architecture and will start working with Kubernetes on short notice.

Their platform is integrated with the software of corporate clients and queuing systems. They integrate all the data about flights and can provide an overview of flight options based on the client’s demands. They have information about local and global redundancy and scarcity for flight tickets and this data gives the user a direct insight to look for the best flight options for a specific group.

They integrate automated payments, where other providers work with credit card payments.

It simply takes a lot less time to book flights for large groups and there is no provider that has the focus on large groups. Their market coverage is growing to a global level consequently.

Moreover, they will launch a platform for the private market in a couple of months. This will work on the same principles of lean code and architecture. All platforms have Machine Learning applications to create searches that get smarter and more personal.


As a .NET developer, you will focus on developing new functionalities from scratch. Because of the microservices and automated deployment, this process runs smoothly and without running into any technical depts. You will be one of the developers that will help the organisation reach new heights and there will be teams built from under you. If you are looking for a job where you can help a company grow and take the lead in this, this position would be perfect for you. In time, you will be one of the leaders that will make have a huge impact in the organisation.

Besides, you will get to work with a technology stack that consists of a multitude of modern techniques. For example, you’ll work with:

  • .NET Core (Cross platform and runs on Linux)
  • Azure (because of Microsoft’s M.L./A.I elements)
  • Google Cloud (because it runs better with Kubernetes and cloud in general)
  • Docker, SOA and Microservices
  • Kubernetes
  • RabbitMQ
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree thinking level
  • Professional experience with C# (requirements differ for junior and senior)
  • You are fluent in English
  • Strong practical knowledge of OOD, TDD, SOLID, CQRS and other design patterns
  • 25 vacation days
  • Visa sponsorship and relocation costs reimbursed
  • 40/36/32 hours per week
  • Laptop
  • Pension scheme
  • Travelling expenses arrangement
  • The opportunity to lead a team on short notice

Please let me know by sending an email to jurre@searchlite.nl or call with 06-12606281.


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