Embedded and/or C++ Engineer | Working for Leading companies Worldwide | Automotive, Aerospace, Healthcare | In-house | Knowledge Centre | E.g. Developing autonomous driving software | Company car possible | 13th month | Salary up to 70K | Eindhoven

The Organisation

The organisation has been founded over 25 years ago in the area of Eindhoven and has ever since been growing. Nowadays, they have multiple outlets throughout The Netherlands. They are known for a very high level of knowledge and expertise that is being used by renowned companies from all over the world. You can think of companies that are leading in autonomous and sustainable driving solutions, but also medical institutes and mobile phone producers.

The companies come to them with a problem that occurs with their product, but they do not have the knowledge to solve this problem. That is where my client comes in, together with their team of Software Engineers.


Examples of projects

As mentioned, the organisation works in various field, for various clients. One of the projects they are currently working on is to develop software that makes it possible for a vehicle or robot to drive autonomously, so without interference of a human. Also, they develop software for battery packages and loading solutions for sustainable driving.

Another project this company is currently working on is for a medical institute, more specifically for Surgeons. The organisation has aided in developing software for tools that surgeons use (drills etc.) to gather data on how long every step takes in an operation. Every time the surgeon picks up a tools, it send a signal to a database that it is being used, until it is not used anymore. That gave a lot of insights on how long exactly an operation will take and has resulted in making it possible to operate more people on a daily basis then they did before. Simply due to better insights in time management, coming from data that comes from the smart tools, partially developed by the organisation.


Function and Team

In total there work over a 100 software engineers for this organisation, varying from experts in the field of Embedded, C++, C#, Java and other languages. For all of these people there is a lot of room potential growth in function, responsibility and of course, salary. Currently, there is very healthy mix between starters/juniors/mediors/seniors, but the team is looking for at least 15 more people before the end of this year. Depending on your wishes and ambition, you are able to take more responsibility in projects by taking up the scrum master role, helping out Junior Engineers, or take the lead on a architectural role or a design role.


  • Minimum BSc or MSc obtained;
  • At least 2 years of professional working experience in a object oriented programming language;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Matlab or Python is a plus;
  • Sensoring, IoT, Algorithms and Embedded Systems are also a plus;


  • Salary up to 75K;
  • Company car or mobility budget;
  • 26 vacation days;
  • 13th month (fixed);
  • Working from home possible;
  • Pension scheme;
  • Laptop;
  • Net expenses reimbursed;
  • Permanent contract;
  • Personal Development Plan;
  • Insurance package;
  • Training budget;
  • Working-from-home arrangement;



Does the description above appeal to you and do you wish to work in a very vibrant and dynamic environment? Contact Joep Timmermans via joep.timmermans@searchlite.nl or dial +31 6 12 60 43 98. Please send an up to date resume as well, so I can immediately check for a match!


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